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2024 Season Empire Pass


    The Empire Pass is available for use at NY State Parks and DEC facilities. It can be shared within a household and not assigned to a specific vehicle.
    NEW! New York State Parks has taken the next step in going green by offering the option of a Digital Empire Pass, available to use with the NY State Parks Explorer App. The annual 2024 Empire Pass is accepted through December 31, 2024.
    Learn where the Empire Pass is Accepted.


    • GoGreen
    • Available for use 24 hours after purchase
    • Can be stored in the NY State Parks Explorer App

    • Don't have the app yet?
    • NY State Parks Explorer
    • iOSAndroid


    • Arrives via USPS Standard Mail within 7-10 Business Days
    • Can be stored in the NY State Parks Explorer App

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    • Purchasing an Empire Pass as a gift? The order can be placed and shipped to the customer, or shipped directly to the recipient. The order does not need to be placed in the recipient's name as there is no name printed on the Empire Pass.
    • Please refer to the Empire Pass Guidelines for Use and the Empire Pass Frequently Asked Questions for pass replacement, volume sales and other important information.
    • Note: The online order confirmation letter is not acceptable for admission.